How to build a successful city website

City website momentum is fierce, small company and individual stationmaster also can share a slice of

with the Internet and people’s life is more closely linked, various types of Web sites have to seize a emerge in an endless stream, one or more of a huge market share in the field of Internet giants, also occupy a certain market segments of the industry network live still very moist and medium-sized Internet Co, of course, is more in small companies even is the person in the form of operating sites. The market is bigger, practitioners are more and more, along with the rapid development of the Internet, and the Internet can all relate to all kinds of people around the model have been one by one test, regardless of success or failure, the test market will soon become the red sea. Of course, the market share of more areas of competition will be more intense, and the competitors will be more powerful, so for small network company or individual owners, operators of a regional website and can avoid the giants of the competition, so profit is more likely. In fact, many small Internet companies operating their own city community, classified information, decoration or real estate information and other types of sites, although some of the categories are also competing, because now a lot of big big share market is a field network similar to these services in many regional sub stations, but because a better understanding of the promotion of the local actual or easy localization, these small companies can often withstand giant competition pressure to obtain a certain market share. In view of the present situation, as well as personal operating in the Dalian outfit in the process of some insights, so write this article, hope to provide help to those small companies want to build a successful city website or personal webmaster. Before the start of text, give the city a site defined in this paper, the city site is the kind of a city or a small area for the target market of various types of website, can be life service website, also can be the industry website.

site positioning should be selected: who services, who to receive money?

a website at the beginning of the line must take an analysis of their location, location here includes the following aspects: service groups, service content, profit model, and how to realize their website program in the service and profit demand. In terms of service groups, the site should consider whether the group has adequate network markets in the city, and whether the frequency of their use of the network is sufficient to support the profitability of the site. In the service content, the website needs to consider the demand clear service groups whether can be transplanted to the network, is the need to change their habits or service groups have opened up such website service network market. Consider the most need in terms of profit model, because it is of vital importance in determining a website of the event, sometimes a website by the Blitz, but due to the lack of good profit model is ultimately difficult to survive. The site needs to figure out how to make money when it’s fire up

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