Local news portal, please put your posture down

I do not know from when, the country’s large and small newspapers, radio and Television Group has a subordinate portal. Because newspapers and radio and television are all news producing areas, the websites of subordinates are naturally called "news gateways". And major news portals operate in the name of the company.

I graduated from last year and now I have been to three news portals. Since the study is neither journalism nor broadcasting professional, no matter which unit I go, my colleagues call me technical staff. Here first, I will be technical, but I do not recognize or say I do not think my technology has much advantage. On the contrary, I only have simple ASP, PHP, CSS+DIV art programs. But I love the Internet business. Because when you have years of website experience, when you make money and become friends with the users of your website, you will find that the Internet is really a good thing. What fascinates me most is the web site.

, such as how to let the site to flow, how to make the site more profitable, how to improve the user friendliness, adhesion and so on. This is technical personnel will not, it is difficult to think about.

can imagine, when you come to a new place and you find the leading news portal, this website "CEO" is actually the writer was born, and now also will only see the statistics on our website code, exclaimed, a new high, the flow of more than how many million, but no matter how many IP users. The geographical distribution and other parameters, I think you might have the same ideas and I work here, it is not the future.

if this " CEO" can lay down the shelf, can only be used, then this site is also saved. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the things here are up to him. And as an old webmaster, I sometimes think of him like I did a few years ago. Although the content of the site by a "deputy general" to decide, unfortunately, she is a newspaper reporter origin, where the entry to the site of the article, there must be news. This is bitter, we five new, most of them can not pass. And those who passed, she felt good news, or no comment, or comment, and the ten nine were sarcastic.

, a few days ago, talked to a guy running a local forum, and he told me about the local radio and television website. He said that their website once and radio and television sites have an activity. In his conversation with the editor in chief of the radio and television website, he clearly felt the contempt and disrespect of the other party’s website.

in fact, you can imagine the result will be like this. The traditional media network media, it is the electronic version of the newspaper or TV. Where do they know what is the user, what the user needs? And don’t know what they do online media, where the sense of superiority so heavy?! what time, local news portal can put down your smelly posture ah?! maybe we don’t have to wait, don’t blame them. One day!

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