The easiest thing for a novice to do is to ignore a station

personal website, beginning the first step is the key, who knows, if you start to go wrong, then even more backward, the more you do, will make more mistakes, produce more regret. So what should you think about before you start a web site? What do you do here? Here are some reference and help for some new webmaster.

1, who do you want to earn,


first you have to figure out, you are going to direct users who make money? Website or the client’s Internet users? Because from the beginning of " sharing; free; free " the spirit of the advertised, even today, Internet advertising model is still a classic pop. Tens of thousands of personal websites are almost like this. If this is the model, then you need to figure out which Internet users you serve. What are the structures of the Internet users at this level? What are the patterns of consumption? What are the common features? Are you sure you’ve made a clear distinction and understanding of them?. Don’t worry about how narrow the user group you define is to see the total amount. Now almost no project is invisible to others, we have to do, in addition to finding existing industry deficiencies, that is, subdivision and segmentation. For example, I now test box network, the target positioning is very clear, the crowd is also very narrow range, but you can see that the total amount of demand is so huge. This is the most basic, even if you do not know who can do, you will never know what others want, your services will be the basic does not exist may meet each other, even if 100-200 can run IP from Links, spam or Baidu to access every day, also cannot complete the transaction, these people come back to the probability is almost zero. The amount of access is naturally invalid.


needs to decide what to do in front of the assumption that you have aimed at a certain level of Internet users groups, then you give you the delineation of target groups of users to provide what kind of service? This service meets the users needs which aspect. A lack of purchasing power cannot be called a requirement. Even if you provide the service, the user you are targeting cannot complete a transaction with you. Then you have to know what you need to dig this stage, slightly needed, or just need to wait? Of course the demand determines the purchase, the purchase is not a pure sense of the purchase, may be coming to your website to provide free service to enjoy your. The more urgent you need, the easier your correspondence service will be. Of course you also need to review this is big enough, that is we often say that the cake, the cake is enough for you to eat, can not let you eat even well-off, if too small cake, naturally do not need to spend much effort on this. An ideal demand situation is that there is a certain capacity for rapid growth, slightly needed. In this state, the sooner you enter, the easier it is to enjoy the advantages of the industry’s advanced entrants

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