Teach you how to quickly and effectively through the web site for the record

said the filing might have made many webmasters feel a headache, and so did i.. It took me one and a half months to get to one of my stations.

, let me tell you about my filing process. Please forgive me for the lack of literary talent!


submitted it for the first time. I felt like I was hiding it. It was down in a week, but not through. Ask IDC to ask the reason, originally is my data fill in error.

After the

was revised, the results of the second submission, etc., were not reflected, and inadvertently saw an article on the Internet saying that you could call them.

just kept on fighting for so many days every week for a week. Unfortunately, there’s no way out. That’s what you’re talking about. That’s depressing,

also does not know that I was such a stick to be moved by God, or what, just the day before yesterday morning with a phone wave on the pass, and asked how the situation submitted to the audit has not been reflected. Half a day ago, I said the other station had been abandoned and not cancelled. For this reason has not been down.

knows the reason, immediately after the cancellation, and then in the miracle, it is again. When it comes to the situation, the young lady said, "I’ll be checking soon." can I make it specific? Because I’ve been waiting for a month and a half. Miss said as soon as possible. I said these two days, miss, finally returned to grace, and hung up.

hung up the phone, try holding the mentality to open the mailbox to see: Dear user: your logistics network (www.56ye.net), (www.46vcd.cn) ICP network shile registration application has been approved, the record / license number: Shanghai ICP XXXX, approved date: 2009-04-08.

wow, could not catch believe their own eyes, so fast down. It seems they will blow up the efficiency of

, ha ha!

finally, I sum up:

must first ensure that the data information is filled out completely. In fact, the record is not difficult, generally apply for a new station after a week you can call to ask. If not, then one day, a phone call, the record is also the people who are afraid of trouble. Maybe I’ll pass it.

, this is my little experience, I hope for the record and worry about the webmaster a little help.

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