The future trend of garbage station is analyzed

often heard people say how good money was before. Fortunately, I entered the evening, nearly 2 years began to officially do the station, if I catch two thousand years of Internet best make money period, will be in the form of despair, will feel money is too difficult to earn.

from now on, last year must be better than now. So money is always better than before. Back to the past is impossible, and later has not arrived, and more and more difficult, so you can grasp only now, so you can seize the best opportunity to make money is now, money is always the best now.

analysis of the trend of garbage stations, 09 years casually engage in a pile of garbage stations, groups can make money. A lot of garbage stations, you can make a lot of money, but now it is impossible, and many rules, because of the CN domain name policy, the cost is too much. Who knows if it will be more expensive later, so still have to grasp now.

the current form of view, the domestic garbage station at any time facing the closure, so that the owners are very insecure (webmaster wife must be more insecure). Now all CN requirements are true and cannot be changed. Although CNNIC and industry have been able to get individuals to own CN, there is the need for future filing policies to be consistent with real identities and the possibility of authenticating digital certificates. If so, the garbage station completely over, because no silly X a garbage station, hung spam, a lot of edge information, but also with their own real name to do.

friends do a real garbage station, on the page are beautiful pictures and the kind of advertising, it should be said is absolutely illegal, inevitably, all CN full trailer, just a day income of 100 knife station.

a serious problem. Now the domain name business sees the bad station directly sealing ID, as long as there is a station, there is a problem, all of the above domain name all seal off. I invested in a classified information, is a regular stand absolutely. Because my friend, the meter, has a CN station called "online video", in fact, it’s just a regular movie station. The ID is blocked, terrifying, yesterday has not yet representations, news.

regular standing, formal content, accidentally, some content with some sensitive words, all will be sealed, it is like the legendary "one size fits all" policy. The emotional unrest comes from the restlessness of the mind. No matter how many domain names you have and how many websites you have, you have to recognize the current form, which is a "clean and tidy" renovation. So many people are shouting, so many people annoyed because I have lost money. But, webmasters, it’s time to reexamine the value of the site. To be clear, do a regular station can bring value to the people.

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