The website not included what should do.

as Baidu inspection of new sites more and more strict, facing the website every day content updates, but not included included promotion. In the face of this situation, in the end is how to do?


I think the current situation is a matter now many webmaster headache, original writing, hard work hard every day, your site every day, his website is not necessarily a bit. Facing this kind of situation if we continue to maintain the same style update all the time? In fact, here I would like to say is that when a certain amount of website content update their case, if included with the actual update quantity are very large, so we will stop the update, if the previous 5 articles updated daily original articles of words, so now every day can be updated 1~2 article. Why? Because the number of your past update articles have problems, should be timely to the past certain processing, otherwise the amount collected and actual update was two times too much, it will lead to your site content resulting in accumulation of refuse your last site how to optimize the optimization is not successful.

in the face of the past updated articles, for a long time not included, or to the article for re editing, and then properly to these articles do some outside the chain. In this way, it will promote the past has not been included in the article re included in the probability. Of course, you can also filter and delete some of the old ones, and get rid of some similar content. In this case, it will greatly enhance the content of your website.

well, through their own in optimization some opinion multiple web sites not included on their website article:

1, and enhance the originality and freshness of the website, even if the article updates to 1 articles, it is always better than updating a lot of worthless.

2, testing site architecture is not conducive to included?.

3, whether there is appropriate to do the chain lead spider come crawling (do the chain of time, not only to the home page to do, but also to the appropriate articles, pages, columns, pages do. But the total amount of the chain also with your collection amount into a certain proportion. At present, individuals feel that the amount of Web sites included in the volume and the chain of less than 1:6 is the best. Do not exceed, exceed, the problem will appear very quickly.


4, at reasonable in the process of renewal in the appropriate articles into the long tail keywords to enhance the site’s overall ranking of words, so that you can quickly get some traffic and drive the overall weight of the site value.

5, in a new site, as far as possible to make the column page was included. Because the column page has been collected, once updated, it will promote the contents of the column for a crawl. And if the simple article page was included, even if included in the article page update, spider crawling depth never deeper than the column climb.

6, the number of characters updated on the site is the best. There are a few deviations each week, so you can lure

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