Zhou Botong hired 28 million A round of financing how to build a forced vertical recruitment communi

[introduction] the main socialization Zhou Botong recruitment recruitment today announced the acquisition of 28 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is the NetEase’s capital NetEase, currently funds have been credited. The Zhou Botong team has undergone restructuring in 2013, website relaunch earlier this year, the new version of positioning in the mobile Internet recruitment service community, and from the new on-line to get A round of financing in less than six months.


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founder Zhou Botong Feng Tao introduced since the beginning of the formal revision of the line, Zhou Botong mobile Internet use has exceeded 6000, up to now, these companies have released more than thirty thousand job opportunities, resume delivery of nearly 700 thousand people.

this year, the online recruitment industry for more than a decade ushered in a new round of financing boom, headhunting network, web sites such as pull hook started to get huge financing, recruit several giants because the traditional recruitment efficiency problem is being more and more enterprises are criticized, is not satisfy demand of this new force the traditional recruitment website is the sales oriented company, a large amount of redundant information which makes efficiency more and more low, can not meet the needs of the emerging industry "Feng Tao said," to the user as the core + industry segments will be the direction of the development of online recruitment".

Feng Tao worked for IBM, continuous starting after the departure of the direction of the Internet, has created the largest bean group, has more than 300 thousand active users, a total of 10 enterprises through the group released the job information, "watercress group provides a platform for dialogue, change the interaction with traditional information in the recruitment, but it became the interaction between people, let the enterprise and the user can equal dialogue, this is why Feng Tao" group continued to hit, "the traditional recruitment website is a tool for the property of strong application, is better than the bathroom, users need to go out. We hope to create the future, Zhou Botong is a reception room, not only have more job information, position the people behind the"

refers to the financing process, Feng Tao said that due to the NetEase news thread products such communities, both for the community are unanimously optimistic about the prospects, so the docking with the NetEase capital very well, on the first day of contact between the two sides to finalize the willingness to invest.

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as Zhou Botong round investor, NetEase capital managing partner Xia Weijun said: "the capital of NetEase is very optimistic about the Internet recruitment market, we believe that the relationship between corporate recruiters and candidates will become more equal, but most of the existing services can not fully meet the needs of a new generation of job seekers. Zhou Botong recruitment should be the trend of the times, made a very characteristic service. Not only does the applicant understand the business more fully and make the right career choices, but it also helps the recruiter to find high-quality and stable talent. Zhou Botong’s founding team has a unique understanding of the recruitment market and innovative product planning, so I >

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