Senior operators’ understanding of Web Operations

I’ve been working on website operations since I started working, first as an assistant, then slowly as an operation manager, then as director of operations. In the field of website operation, it can be said that it has accumulated a lot of experience. But in the actual work, I found that many people understand the operation of the website is biased, so today with the webmaster network platform to talk about the operation of the website understanding.

website operation is a popular term in recent years. The number China website has more than 1 million 500 thousand, this requires the number of operating personnel! If each site can operate successfully, so the development of the Internet for China how big role! However, specializing in the website operation personnel is very rare, and is on the website operation on what the industry is not an accurate the statement.

so, what is website operation? Website operation refers to a series of work done by website for product marketing platform or product itself, for developing network marketing. Site operations include site planning, requirements collation, content construction, product maintenance and so on. If you think of your website as a product, the job you need to do is basically the same as what a product manager needs to do.

site planning: Web site before the online site planning, including preliminary research, feasibility analysis, planning documentation, business process and logic clear, show the site specifications, participate in UE testing work; line on the site, the site planning is mainly refers to the analysis, the new demand of the development of clear requirements and related documentation implementation;

requirements collection: requirements collection, analysis and processing is an important job of website operation. Operators are the bridge between developers and sales staff and customers. In the website operation process, will produce a variety of needs revision and new requirements, these requirements revised and new requirements are reasonable and representative? Priority level? Developers how to response, which requires operators to demand finishing processing, unified arrangement;


content of Construction: the construction of website content, website related to the long-term development, is a process to accumulate steadily, is an important part of the website operation. It includes site editor, user / customer information maintenance, site content interaction, etc.;

product maintenance: develop product policy, improve product packaging, line maintenance according to line feedback. In the enterprise with the product department, the function of product maintenance will be stripped from the website operation, and the product manager will be responsible for it directly.

operators are developers’ "customers" who are demanding. According to the requirements of the operators, the developer conducts the requirements analysis and develops the appropriate development plan. The operators are responsible for the products developed.

network marketing is a general term for marketing activities using the internet. And website operation is the general term that prepares the activity that carries out network sale activity. Thus, the website operation is >

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