How to do a good job in website operation, let our flow explosive growth

website operation to stationmaster, it can be said to be a very big knowledge, operation result is good or bad, directly affect our website value. After years of actual combat summary, the author summed up the following several web operations knowledge, hoping to help you better operate their own web site. The author mainly divides the website operation into two kinds, the station operation and the channel operation.

station operation method:

station operation is also a lot of small owners have to face the problem, if you want to do well in the station operation, the first thing we want to do is work for web content to pave the way, only good content can with other things, so we need an editor, daily published related articles and websites, so many websites reproduced and publicity of course, this is our own, can edit. In addition, we can use the batch stations to help us push the station fast growth, many people will say now is a way station, Baidu mainly to combat this, the author describes the station group unconventional station group, our station group marketing can be diversified, such as blogs, have a blog, through the blog diversion to the station, the effect is very obvious, in addition, we can properly establish some related websites, the contents of the product may not be the same, can be related, IP do not buy space in a IP segment, die board use not the same, do not do as much as possible as one, completely independent the website to do, we may take some labor costs, but the return cost is very high.

for the acquisition, we also can make proper use of it, many people will think is cheating plagiarism, in fact, Baidu official made it clear that when the appropriate articles together, may not be judged for website cheating, which depends on the nature of the site and the technique of collection, so how to do the collection work we are thinking about the problem.

for the operation outside the station, the author summarized as follows:

in my impression, website optimization and network marketing are part of the website operation so that this time, for the network marketing, we have to make good use of, marketing mode: e-mail group, there are a lot of free mass mailing of the Internet, but the effect is very small, it is recommended that you try to buy such high-profile mass mailing software for bulk mail; QQ group marketing, of course, this is mainly to see the property industry, the more important for some industries, some enterprise, may affect small; micro-blog marketing, such marketing methods still depends on the property industry, the tourism industry can absorb most of the popularity, but for some of the steel industry, it is too tight; we can be contacted by micro-blog and WeChat marketing. Similar to the way micro-blog, still to the property industry, but at this time, we should consider whether the micro-blog and WeChat together, bind to let users naturally, we focus on WeChat, the conditions of the enterprise, we can do an own APP, then we can.

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