Decoration site P3000 on a monthly income of 20 thousand yuan more easily

I believe that many owners see the title of the heart may guess "is the title of the party", "will not be in the hype, friends, to dispel this idea, I give you to analyze this kind of website is how to make money.

When I was in high school in

will read a book "Chinese 9 profiteering industry again", the book mentioned in medicine, real estate, online games, studying abroad intermediary profiteering industry, indeed, the industry fully deserve most profiteering industry, it is the rich cornucopia. Do not know you have not found this industry website is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain swept, 58 city, YAHOO reputation, people in the net rent, second-hand housing information is overwhelming, anjuke, Yi net also spared no expense to the not resigned to playing second fiddle, poured into the industry. This is a warning to thousands on thousands of webmaster, the opportunity to make a fortune, when novices are still groping for other industries master has crept into the industry, now earning gold who There are plenty of people who


when the industry full of the master who still can cry and a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, novice. SEO of real estate website is too difficult to do, gradually the person that enter the post loses this opportunity, can wander silently, look for the next opportunity. This time a new website is quietly rising, another round of profits began, decoration site began wantonly to make money.

we take Hangzhou decoration network as an example, give you an analysis of how to make money in this industry:

website name: Hangzhou decoration network

domain name:

, IP:3000 or so. PV:5000 or so.

monthly income: 20000 yuan or more.

main source of income: advertising fees, membership fees, business cooperation, etc..

to open the pictures found: A1 – A9, B1 – B11, a total of 20 kinds of advertising, of course, this is just the home page, and made it clear that no counter-offer! I will according to the 20 kinds of advertising to you counting, look at just one ad revenue they can earn


OK, now I have the charge sheet sorted as follows:

                      advertising code;;                                 the number of ads   & nbsp;  ;         &>

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