A brief discussion on website construction Trilogy

site building to the Internet has a better place to go through N steps. So, how can I do a good job in my website? Here, I’d like to talk about my personal views:

1. Register large search engines:

sites are friends of the search engine is designed to provide the information for the majority of users of the platform, such as Baidu, Google, soso and so on, they are generally best place for users query information and leisure, so is the preferred method to promote their website to register their web site in the search engine in the net, the more search engine and the site is registered, the probability of retrieval, access to the greater. Of course, in some well-known search engine registration website you must pay a fee, according to the search website publicity in different ways, the price is different, make money webmaster can choose this way to choose their own website, because this propaganda effect is very good, you can register your site in some free search engine visibility is not high, but compared with the high visibility of the search engine, the propaganda effect worse. Now the Internet search engine is tens of thousands of, you can also choose the speculative method registered search engine, this can save you a lot of time, of course, the need for specialized website promotion software, website promotion software for special, you can look up to the net.

two, and external Web links:

now many websites offer a special Links page, I suggest you find some of their web content similar websites do Links exchange, I do the stand-alone game download www.danjiyouxixiazai.net station, I would choose to do Links and those who engage in the game station, we can add some Adsense exchange group or connection the exchange group, the first initiative in the group released information, communicate with the group members, see people by intention and you do link exchange, in general, this can be for both sides of the site plays a role in the publicity, equality and mutual benefit, the other is to refuse. In addition to the above several ways, we can also use the network mail signature, message boards, chat rooms, forums and other websites to publish their own promotional information.

three, appropriate advertising on their website:

as long as you do all of the above, then your website insists for a period of time, I believe the click rate is relatively high. Online advertising companies will make small ads and connections on your site. Of course, you can also apply for the initiative. Of course, there are quite a few expenses. The first stage is to find advertising alliance, then advertising, point 0.01-0.05 yuan range. Accumulate over a long period of time, income, and so on. There are businesses to take the initiative to find you, when a nail cover big ads also have 20 thousand -20 10000 per hour.

1, traffic to a certain extent, the operation is difficult, need a lot of publicity.

2, advertising, let’s not >

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