From programmer to Webmaster experience and exploration

recently, first saw the storm the words in the news, and then continue to have layoffs, and a large number of graduates will be willing to accept the zero salary door long queues in the recruitment now, everything happened so fast.

Most of the friends around

do IT, there are many dangers, often asked me how to do the site, I often do not know how to answer. Study and work for many years have I polished into a pure programmer, and since 07 years resigned, accidentally beginning to do a website, although it has been a year, but not what results, if there is income, is only an experience not worth mentioning.

here, the personal experience of shallow land continued to write out, hoping for the same hope to walk the webmaster of the programmer friends to provide reference.

one. Choose the reason to do the website

writing programs is fun, but writing programs as a profession, I believe most programmers will have a sense of crisis, think of the future when I feel at a loss, I do not know where the road is. At least I choose to quit my job because of the insecurity, so I hope I can grasp my own direction and go my own way.


just resigned, he didn’t really think how to go in the future, so he went to the booth for a few weeks. Although he was good and bad, he could earn dozens of dollars each time. So I think, a less than three square stalls can have tens of dollars of revenue every day, if we can expand the booth will be able to generate more revenue, while the largest booth is the Internet, so I decided to do.

Although the idea of

looks childish now, it makes me make the first humble website and walk on the road of the stationmaster. And after a year of trial and error, the idea becomes more and more resolute.

chose to do web site, individuals have the following reasons:

1., compared to the actual business, the site invested less

don’t say much about that. While programmers have more advantages in building websites, they can spend less effort and time building the needed websites.

2. is a accumulation process,

programmers have no sense of security in this career, I think the big reason is because there is no accumulation: technical updates, the industry changed, most of the original knowledge will be paid for the flow. Do a website, it is a process of accumulation: the website can be improved continuously, the content can be added, more important is that users will gradually accumulate, every effort will be in a day for Everfount return.

3. has more space to do website

although there are many websites at present, I think there is still a lot of room, because on the one hand, no matter what type of website, no matter from content or function, there are not many good ones. On the other hand, many friends now use existing systems to build forums or websites

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