Alliance, firmly will not choose pop-up advertising

has been doing websites for more than 2 years, although in this short time, but every time people want to find a reason to continue to adhere to the network, I do almost any site can be regarded as no income. Every year the space domain is $more than 1000, though not many, but also equivalent to half a month’s wages, and sometimes meet the server problem I must choose to change your business space, spend money to another account.

I analyze yourself do stand why not success, first did not insist, because good do stand no topics found, often change the style of the website, the second is the selection of service providers, a IDC business before the server, a month or the server problem, or is the home server the problem is important, once a problem, at least 24 hours to repair, the most terrible is that every time is a problem, how about on Wednesday, this website can succeed? And I can not say, because it is a friend of IDC company. No nonsense, talk about this topic.

The reason for the content of the web site

, I need to go to other sites reproduced some text, stories like the article, every time to reprint many websites are pop-up ads, refreshed once a bomb, it is very annoying. I remember there is a pop-up advertising union customer service staff told me that the pop-up charges are high, 4 yuan 1000 times, but also told me not to go too far with the money. But I am determined not to do it. I did not go in with the money ah, but if I had to go with the money once, then I’m with my visitors to the site can not go, I feel it is very annoying pop-up ads, don’t say my visitors they feel very cool pop, multi play several times good


one of my friends love to read novels in the Internet, I once saw a website he put an article into many pages, each refresh time that pop ads came out, it is actually the inflatable doll ads, and next to a lot of female colleagues. And watching, pop ads will automatically play out. He was so angry that he put the mouse hit.

although my website has not made money, but I firmly will not do, lets the human not like my website, will not be able to annoy my website, later will own computer to smash the matter. Pop friends, stop it! Don’t go back with your website! By the way, AD my website:


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