From the media operation those things……

in small individuals, also has its own brand,


, I’m sure everyone is familiar with it, right? This is from the V public platform……

in this era of Internet opening, everyone is from the media, from the media is everyone.

but from the media, not everyone can play well, because a lot of people like me may not play very much"……

well, we’re talking about autobiography. Our topic today is

from a macro point of view, since the operation method of a lot of media channels, can be said to play the 100 since the media people stand together have 100 ways. But roughly only: relying on content based production, operational services based on the combination of the three main categories.

content production is known to all of us, too. The general form is our common text (article / picture / video / voice); the core value or service is free, but it is focused on operation. Well, although our project team also wrote articles, but mainly focused on operations. Logical thinking will eat King meal combination, is also a way of operation, but it is typical of the combination of both,


then, how do we go to operate (location / focus) a self media? The specific focus is actually different from person to person. Mainly based on personal circumstances, team conditions, etc..

actually focuses on content or operations, or a combination of the two. Both have advantages and disadvantages, there is no best, only better. So what is the taboo from the media? Only a little….

well, let’s go over and see what it takes to run a good media. What do you need to do?

The first step for

to play from the media is to select platforms. This simple. Everyone is not strange, for example, the public number is one of the platforms, but what I want to remind is, don’t put eggs in one basket,


, we found that many of the original micro-blog playing very cattle master, since the emergence of WeChat, this master also does not exist, disappeared. Why? Think for yourself,

so what kind of platform will we have in the future? We don’t know. But WeChat is not the first, and certainly not the last one. But for the media itself, its essence remains unchanged. Because these are just a medium, and it’s important for the user to be yourself,


from BBS (blog) to blog, from blog to micro-blog, and now to WeChat.

has nothing to do with the operation of the media itself, mainly based on the three categories we mentioned above: content production, utilization, operation, or both,

in fact, from the media play, really no skill. By hard work, diligence, persistence, enthusiasm. Repeat the simple action, let’s talk about content production,



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