A film and television website propaganda experience


to school for 08 years when exposed to hackers, Wangzhuan unintentionally, did a sex to do CPA task. Finally, because of not much money, nothing happened. I graduated 11 years ago and spent a year in an Internet company. No SEO, no promotion. Only how to make the interface, so that customers satisfied, happy to pay. This is the status of network companies in small cities. There are lots of times when we don’t bother to add keywords.

12 years, with the love story of Beijing hit, every time to Nora Baidu video search in the latest, will enter a variety of advertising, all kinds of pop film and television sites, every time they are particularly annoying. Then I wanted to make a similar website myself. A week before the main program is familiar to everyone, in the selected space reference, if you collect film close to 6000, all generate static words (including TV episode) will have a size of about 2G. Before the site is all ready, it’s better not to be static. Avoid repeated generation later, although it will overwrite the previous generation, but it is not good at all. When the website is built, let me talk about my experience in the two weeks:

Baidu Post Bar: some popular film and television paste bar, management is very strict. It’s unlikely to send a topic sticker. If you can click on some of the high rate posts, occupy the first floor of the two floor of such a position plus advertising, the effect should be good. Such opportunities may be met with difficulty. Sharing: you can send some of the less popular posts like the number of episodes you want to see and send an email to my mailbox. Then you can add the ad to the auto reply feature in the mail.

Baidu knows: it’s very strict now. In the beginning, I asked my friend for a 2500 point 5. You can paste directly to my website url. Later, slowly can not paste. Can only use some Sina, Sohu blog to do a transit. Later, it was a transit link. It was only sent once or twice a day. But Baidu knows the payoff for a long time. I asked 8 questions before, and now it brings me more than 30 IP each day. Share: some questions about popular film and television categories, the high score is not high, and the problem of click through rate is not big. I have a lot of questions added to 200 points. Also very cold.

, Tencent, micro-blog: that’s the amount of time I spend on publicity. At first, it gave you a false impression, Tencent’s micro-blog account can add a lot of micro groups a day. I had a wonderful imagination in my mind at that time. A micro group is 10 thousand words, ten micro-blog is 100 thousand people, remove 80 thousand people are not online, then I can let 20 thousand people see an ad, is it not?…… Four days later, through Baidu statistics, I saw the reality cruelly. An average of four IP per day. Share: don’t waste time on some of the other groups. Most of them have the same purpose as you do. More than 600 of my fans, a very attractive movie only for six IP, to more than 10 micro group >

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