Domain name, age and the chain of Baidu included and the weight of the impact


everything is connected with each other. But not every factor has an absolute effect on the other. So when we look at the data of the website, we should pay attention to and apply the influence of any factor to the collection and ranking of the website. I will not here alone analyze who decides who, because I have not observed very careful contact, nor will I be able to determine the necessary link. I want to say is the domain name, age and the chain of Baidu included influence, please listen to my analysis.

domain name age is indeed a good thing, the longer the domain name, at least 3 years of domain name, in the replacement program, modify the program after the resumption of collection and update faster. Easy to get rankings and PR value. If the stability of the station, then, after the selection of keywords and procedures, only need to focus on maintenance optimization, you can reduce a lot of unnecessary construction of the chain and Baidu flow import work. If you want to include stable, fast words, you need to work hard with the new article. If you need keywords to upgrade, you need to do a good job, the keyword deployment and optimization can be.

the more chains, the better, right? I think so. The chain must be relevant, I think not necessarily. Is it easy to get outside? I don’t think I need to say anything. There are a lot of things written on the internet. The chain and included what’s the relationship?. The more the chain, the higher the frequency of spider visits, the more likely to be included. We hope that the number of domain names at least 3000 of the chain up, and if more than 10 thousand, the effect is excellent. It’s empty talk, no, because I’ve observed many old domain names, and basically, old domain names have been used to create stable websites in the last two years. Even before the station has to do history, but it will not be included in the Baidu show, because Baidu included snapshots of the show, most of the last year, your site included pages. But the chain is much, as long as the site stable update, will be Baidu continuous tracking included. The keyword weight inside the page will also be shown day by day.

through the observation of multiple sites, all domain name age old enough, many site outside the chain, re select the program, or continue to update the content, will be given a better collection and best ranking, if you say, keyword index above 1000 is difficult to row home page that is wrong, as long as you are an old domain name the chain, domain name, ranking up naturally. Then everyone will ask, may be in a few months or six months, a year keywords are difficult to rise to the home page, if you are skeptical, you can deploy some index below 1000, long tail words. In the absence of large occupied home situation, basically can get good rankings. You may ask, keywords do well, there must be a lot of traffic, it is wrong, the key is that many people pay attention to the words, will have more retrieval, especially the long tail word. Therefore, we should pay attention to the domain name, age and the chain, in fact, to update the content, get ranked, get more than 1000 of the daily traffic is no problem. Here, I wish you all have good websites!

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