From the end of the world posting fees, look at the community’s profit model

the afternoon of April 21, 2008, a lot of friends in the online world found registered members need to be charged a $integrity certification fee, this one immediately got a lot of friends against, but in front of the hottest community but also helpless. Since the community website profit pattern has been very vague, Tianya post charges could break community portal profit model is still too early to the precedent conclusion, but I believe this is the electronic mail charges will be the second time since the impact of the majority of Internet users on the Internet free of psychological defense, more people think that if the charges once formed, the enthusiasm of the inevitable defeat netizens, objectively to the netizen is a right to speak a containment and containment, but it soon spread, it is a huge disaster for users, is bound to the citizen’s speech space It’s huge pressure,.

but anyway, Zhuo chi Network believes that more than a profitable way, China’s Internet owners are considered a good thing,.

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