nternet to WAL-MART, online shopping mall, the main push one-stop service

, the of Fortune magazine, the world’s top 500, puts forward a new concept of "one-stop shopping" in the world, striving to save every penny for customers. Whether you go a WAL-MART global shopping, can find a common point that – that is the display of goods, Goods are available in all varieties. small toys, everything, to the small yacht, whatever you can think of, here you can buy. Moreover, in the huge WAL-MART chain stores, do not worry about lost things, because wherever you go, there are obvious signs, to guide consumers correctly in a short period of efficient shopping. Almost all of WAL-MART’s chains mark big signs of "cheap every day" and compare them carefully, and consumers will still buy cheap and good things here.

online shopping mall, with the WAL-MART chain store experience successful promotion, the WAL-MART concept will store the "one-stop" service, extending to the online mall shopping system, which makes the online mall shopping market looks like a one-time three-dimensional: here, with the latest wave of clothing manager recommended we want to buy; but usually buy channels is extremely limited goods; and the world’s top brands of discount merchandise.

online shopping mall so many goods, online shopping mall service so fast, so that the screen name for this emerging shopping model, very interested. But, on the other hand, some netizens may doubt the quality and the safety of the goods offered by the online shopping mall. In the investigation of some authority, can be found, although most of the net that can click on the mouse is shopping, shopping is very easy; but also expressed concerns regarding the commodity is not genuine. In fact, most of the online shopping mall for goods, or have the guarantee of the quality of the Internet change rapidly today, net for the online mall product recognition, online shopping can become a key factor of sustainable development. Some large online shopping mall has launched Baotuibaohuan and reliable quality and safety certification and other forms, in order to get the name provided for the online mall merchandise recognition.

in the online mall security, basic understanding, and then look at the online store is how to "call" goods on the net? Most of the online shopping mall business model, the general is this:

(1), while introducing advanced online shopping malls, combines the physical stores with a "neck and neck" operation management model. This is an online and current operating model, or a business model that is not completely out of the physical store. These online shopping malls are actually operating and managing based on existing entity stores. Therefore, such online shopping mall, can be said to be an early stage online shopping, online shopping mall can also be said that the period of development in the bud, after all, for the entity store, there is still a certain dependence.

(2) fully operate online store


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