Website construction does not take Baidu as God, so content is the key

remember my new line a month (AION keywords actually to fourth, so I was very excited ah, so for this website confidence! Wake up every morning the first thing is to go to Baidu, Google search key word ranking, enjoying Baidu brings a day thousands of traffic, all full and beautiful. But such a good day, suddenly wake up when the end of the sleep, keywords ranking in a month ago suddenly fell to second pages!


is playing with me? I am my ranking analysis of the reasons for the decline was due to the site for long, and domain name registration in a short time, only 2 months, to get the ranking was very satisfactory after all. With the passage of time, often refer to other people of the same type of Web site, the old feel that no one else’s good, on the web page to do the art, and did not expect such a list disappeared without a trace. When the mood is very depressed, so since the ranking didn’t make the page section changed and changed, in this more than a month, then think Baidu has k off my site, Baidu does not report any hope, even in the fifteenth days when I put the site Description, Keywords also has adjusted, after every morning a look, anyway, there is no hope.

to see so many people of the article, so I’ll do as they do, I pr a month to 3 due to Dmoz is included so long PR links can also change, but different types of station I don’t want to change.

adhere to update: because the website k out keywords, so next I insist on updating 10 articles every day, after all, is new station, so update too much, basically the article is pseudo original. At that time, no matter whether search spider will come to patronize, anyway, the first thing to do every day is to collect the article, edit it yourself, and then review it to your website. Continuous soft Wen: because in the webmaster online read so many articles, so write some soft Wen is still very fast! Keep writing! No Baidu days,. I used to think that Baidu was God, but now I understand gradually that our true God is a user. Before Baidu bring traffic, will not want to patronize, now is different, kept in purdah did not know, no one knows the good website is not enough. Thus, through the forum post, QQ bulk mail, soft Wen, continue to promote themselves. Good web site itself will talk, time is not long, traffic flow up. Enrich oneself. In the content of the website, we start from the needs of users, add a lot of special columns, select the content more attention to practical, and opened up some practical topics.

from PV, we also see that the stickiness of the website is much higher than before. Firmly believe that the user is God! No Baidu, suddenly feel good relaxed, do not have to pay attention to changes in the daily rankings, do not look at Baidu’s face life. Farewell, hundred!

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