Talking about A5 program trading area and blank area

Hello everyone, today I wrote this article, mainly for the program source area of some of the views, so that we have a more thorough understanding of the source code trading market and the program area blank space. I have made a close observation of the procedure these days. At present, the sale of entertainment stations are more friends, such as: QQ space, non mainstream, FLASH games, movies, friends, beauty, pictures, talent, classification information, and many are DEDE templates.

I observed, these are popular sites, but like these entertainment stations only suitable for garbage stations. Garbage collection principle: collection template a little better, generate HTML basic requirements. Some are sold with local data. Programs such as entertainment stations, preferably PHP+SQL data, can capture and generate HTML, because such functions and requirements have become mainstream for garbage. Collection rules, the background to do more to write a few, so that the possibility of selling out can raise a little. Because there are many webmaster friends can’t write collection rules, all like map convenient, put directly on the station. So friends who sell such programs need to look carefully at the buyer’s point of view.

and there is such a program can not sell prices, usually tens of dollars or so. Face to talk about business, commercial station, and now the source area sales of such friends is not much, even if there are sales are sold in a post, a lot of procedures, it is not easy to attract attention. The title says a lot, and the programs in the above category are basically available. This is not good, there is no prominent and representative, can not perfect this program is carefully introduced to buyers, so this is also a cause of the decline in the success rate.

below, I organize the forum rarely appear source code, more unpopular,

!Like the

mall mall classification procedures, there are many kinds of book sales clothing apparel, fashion accessories and other network company and studio form source travel, wedding photography, wedding decoration Home Furnishing source medical school source source source enterprise less people think this kind of program in the forum is not too good to sell, in fact, I was not feeling like that and then I would say that I like this blank area, the mall program forum basically did not sell, now the network has been mature, for example, clothing sale now are open for what love independence mall to get independence mall, now there is such a model online. Online marketing, only with independent mall to complete this more complex problem. Some people think that independent shopping mall allows Baidu included search brings customers, and these people generally do not understand the program, and even did not do the site does not rule out.

, a good source can sell hundreds of. What if the customer has special requirements?. For example, website pictures, LOGO won’t make, and so on, and you can add an income. A one-stop service, earn more. Now the network is very commercial, many people want to gold here, what things want to online. So the platform for displaying the goods? That’s the website. So >

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