Site user experience analysis 12 Bad mobile site experience

mobile web page is a new thing for many websites. Many websites may not consider mobile sites, but it doesn’t seem to be a bad excuse to experience mobile sites. Here are some of the common bad mobile site experience mistakes:

suddenly switches to the desktop web page

has some web sites that offer WAP and desktop versions, but because of design and technical oversight, it’s possible to give users pages that are desktop and experience an obsession.

is too small for CTAs (action button)

you’ve been searching for a circle and are going to buy now, and what this site will do is provide a nice, big enough "buy now" button. Unfortunately, many websites offer buttons that are still tiny and crowded.

left, this added to the shopping cart design is not bad, although the product page size can also be a little bigger, and the right side of this does not seem to have much desire to click.


cannot use the back button

this is a common problem on many mobile web pages, and when you don’t like it, you want to back off.

suddenly pop

can understand that the website has good things to inform the user’s mood, but there is a better way to deal with it.


text chain

is worse than a small CTA. It’s a text chain. They may show OK on the PC, but they can be bad on the phone. The following text chain is difficult for you to think about.


small text field

is as annoying as a small CTA, comparing the experience in the two pictures.


page opens slowly

in the mobile phone on the students open the page is slow torture for them, or if you want a user pay for the shopping website, slow Web page open speed you don’t want to have much business.


unreadable text

text is clear and readable. It’s critical to compare the following two diagrams.


button that does not work

if the button doesn’t work, can you expect the user to do the next move?

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