The outlet of network community marketing

Mr. Zhou Hongyi said in 2005, "the community is the future of the Internet, and all future websites will be transformed into communities."". In 2007 May the second session of the Internet community meeting, Qihoo first formally proposed word-of-mouth marketing is suitable for community marketing form, put forward our own Qihoo community marketing claims, word-of-mouth marketing for many people or strange or difficult to understand. "Suddenly, such as spring night, the trees of pear blossoms", in 08 years, when I look back, we found that this is not a Qihoo in battle, many brothers and sisters to join in, this is a booming market.

in the development of Internet advertising for 10 years, we should be able to see the hardships experienced 19992000 years of Internet advertising and marketing staff should be able to remember the Internet advertising sales difficult, about Baidu people will know the original keyword advertising is how to brand advertisers to accept. Today, when a generation of Internet marketing and the two generation of Internet marketing has been proved, everything in the halo, we do not lie in the joy of victory, but to continue to move forward in victory, because the third generation of the Internet marketing suddenly came to us, we are not allowed to back does not allow us to pause this is a generation of experience, Internet marketing must be suffering is a generation of Internet marketing people must shoulder the mission, that is to explore and practice will belong to the future of marketing trends and new marketing mode to the majority of business owners.

08 years of China is an eventful China, a proud China, a proud China; a community of 08 years, a prosperous community, a blundering community, a chaotic community.

08 years China has more than 100 000 community website, here contains a huge network of people and business opportunities, just a short time, hundreds of large and small Community marketing Inc was born, there is a technology company, a media company, a public relations firm, there are also some advertising companies, Internet writer, people of different origins but, invariably go in for the future exploration of marketing mode on the road. The prosperity of the industry, the Qihoo would like to see, this is the industry’s fortune, is the so-called "everyone firewood high flame", our common efforts will make industry more rapid growth.

however, the rapid growth always brings a lot of aftereffects to the industry. Every industry is the first game after rules, and the same is true in the field of community marketing. Community marketing is now in this stage of the game, this stage is good, is the future, not good, this industry may disappear in a flash in the pan. Like the early days of E-mail, today’s cell phone text messages, these are ruined businesses.

so-called industry self-regulation is not talking about it, we need to practice. At present, the text marketing in the community is divided into four major categories:

is the most despised, and it is also a question for everyone to question the industry – violence camp

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