My view on Content Alliance station

first statement, I am still a rookie, send this article is purely communication, sharing, I come here to talk about my views. The Internet is a big piece of pork, the innumerable webmaster share, but how many will carve up, rely on technology, and so on to pull factors.

Now the site of the

, not like before, to have a space for a domain name, now the rise of the content of union station, only need a domain name, and then point to, can all have their own web site, the content of union station with space domain class station also has advantages and disadvantages, in order to facilitate the interpretation of the following union station called A station, domain name space station called B

station)Here is the

, 1.A station now rise by many webmaster favorite, A stations are now involved in many large flow type website templates, eliminating the need to buy space cost, simple operation, save yourself with new content this step, because the system has automatic will help you with the new. A only need a domain name can easily do it, but A has advantages, of course there are also shortcomings, the disadvantage is that the website open speed is relatively slow, although with new content, but with the new speed, there is a A station, the template content is monotonous, it by Baidu, Google and other search engines slow. Come to talk about the B station, B station, own space, site open speed can ensure that can speed with the new content on the site, you can also edit the content of the website information, make their content on the station is the one and only, thus greatly benefit included Baidu, Google and other search engines, but also there are shortcomings, is the site with the new content of the tedious work.


A and B stations are different, but the A station still has great development space, as Baidu, Google and other search engines not included you, but we can get from the search engines to flow on promotion way to flow up to do, if you the site every day there are a lot of traffic, the search engine will notice, pay attention to, so that is not soon? Do the flow is also a knowledge, I summarize several methods, we can learn,


all know that Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, daily traffic is very large, if you make good use of propaganda, will bring a lot of traffic to your website, there is a little trick, you can view the latest is the keywords to Baidu billboard, then targeted publicity in Baidu Post Bar and Baidu know.

2. to write text, I think the writing text is original, targeted, but also in the paper and the kind of temptation before, so they will be loaded, good soft Wen, included soon, loading too much, this is very effective to promote their website.

3. do blog, in fact, do blog, I think is the most primitive, do SEO method pull, more apply for a few big blog, and then on the blog published on their website inside >

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