On the elite strategy of network marketing

how many people does it need to be a hospital marketing? Don’t need too much, a website with three people, promotion, copywriting, art, or technology, promotion, copywriting. Three of them must have integrated talents, such as the promotion of technology, or even bidding promotion, do copywriting, at the same time competent promotion, and even art. When the site is basically mature, one person is enough. 6 sites with a few people, answer: 6 people enough. Of course, these 6 sites are in turn on-line, and if the line at the same time, the fear of struggling to cope with, estimated to work overtime every day, ha ha. These figures are not scientific, the purpose is to say that the elite strategy of network marketing. Most people do not directly say these numbers, like hospitals will not directly give the business offer, I said, say what? But you number two, also do not ache not to itch. Maybe you’ll have a better idea.

real website copywriting requires quality:

specializes in website planning, website column planning, can apply marketing thinking and means, multi type, multi style copy planning, familiar with SEM and all kinds of ways of network marketing strategy.

real promotion experts need to have the quality:

Proficient in

technology and promotion links with network marketing thinking ahead, can be flexible in the marketing difficulties, realize the organic combination of methods and ideas, change pulse network market change.

copy and promotion should also have such requirements: copywriting and promotion are not divided, to their own long, and good copy or promotion, can independently manage the site. Two have the ability of Web site operators, but this horse is slightly less, the combination of the two complement each other, with the tacit understanding, grasp the overall situation, clarify the road, flexible.

art and technology, more emphasis on technology and tacit understanding. The tacit understanding comes from understanding each other and working patterns. There is no absolute right or wrong to do one thing. The success of the site requires details, but the one or two details are wrong and do not affect the overall situation.

no matter what website, no doubt, we are running in the direction of success. The success of the website is not the success of one or two people, but also the success of team operation. To achieve the effect of one plus one is greater than two. Why do I propose the elite strategy, one is the extensive operation, large number of copy paste is not effective, can only be said to be effective; and we have a multiplier method, why not? Team is often more difficult to reach a tacit understanding, increase management costs. This is also a factor in the elite strategy.

maybe you would say that your so-called elitist strategy, because you do not want to use more people, others first exceeded you in quantity. I said otherwise. We can collect, collect, and then make good changes. You said collection is always bad, even if it is, we can also copy paste ah, not that I particularly stressed the quality of copywriting, not doing this kind of thing. The premise of doing this kind of thing is that our ideas should be lived, and methods must be lived. For example >