The wind is elegant my Taobao guest experience from ignorant to veteran

I contacted Taobao customers should be more than the early, I know Taobao customers are from friends do stand experience to understand, I witnessed the whole process of Taobao customer from the beginning to the API Baidu crazy to ban API. 09 years at the beginning of the Tao do, when friends are doing, a friend told me that the Internet can make money, tell me this is called Taobao customers, as long as people through your web page to Taobao to buy things you can get a commission. At the time of making money online is not what concept, so no action half believe and half doubt. But for the concept of Wangzhuan still full of great interest, so later to find the Internet a lot of money online tutorials and information, slowly also believe a little bit about the Wangzhuan, but for where to start or absolutely ignorant of.. Sometimes I fantasize about being able to get rich overnight just like those on the internet. Always wanted to find a tutorial online, can teach me how to get rich, and finally in this impetuous nothing. So people must first get rid of psychological impetuous, a monthly income of ten thousand from the beginning of the monthly income of one hundred.

remember, at that time, friends do Taobao customers is still very easy, and that time to do is to use API do, basically hang up the site will soon be included tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of, a day’s traffic is also thousands of thousands of. But at that time did not know what the traffic flow, but also do not know that time is money, friend Tao Hang a API Commission plus hanging point Valley brother a month there are tens of thousands of advertising revenue, of course, when this income is not what. And then Baidu ranking is relatively easy, as long as your web site has related keywords, you can quickly have rankings, this situation lasted for more than half a year. At that time, when I saw my friend, I did earn money online and changed my computer. It was quite shocking to me, and I firmly believed that I could make money online. Therefore, the novice must first have the online money to earn a firm belief, it is best to see the income of others, which for a new person is very shocking, very exciting. Of course, the most important thing is to put it into action, it is because of my hesitation, missed the best chance to make money amoy.

after more than half a year, Baidu began to block the API site. Friends of the site will gradually no flow. When I was ready to do that, my friend told me that Taobao didn’t do well, so I began to get confused. I don’t know how to start. At that time, do not know how to do web site, think it is a very technical thing, so at that time to go to research techniques, and then spent a lot of time to learn DIV+CSS, as well as PHP and other technologies. Since no one leads, so is the state of being half understood. Then understood, personal webmaster to study technology is very wrong, now build a site to the technical content is not high, as long as enough you can, too difficult technology can be solved by looking for professionals, so people do not fall into the dead cycle inside technology.

later, the friend changed the method and used the method of Collection >