The three key to the initial entrepreneur

business process is long and hard, along the way is not less than 99 to eighty-one images from the manager, is not the natural process of Everything is going smoothly., on the road of entrepreneurship, we need only 3 checkpoints to victory.

A: wealth levels off. According to the points, in China history there have been many old sayings, such as "a little bit", "cynical" and "rich and cruel" etc.. We heard many cases of failure and venture partners struggle story, these are only the reality version of notes, because too common, too low, I will not go into the ink. I’d like to make some comments on the other two. A sentence is "people loose money together, people money scattered; financial scattered people together, people gather together." The concentration of wealth in the hands of one person, one side is difficult to gather together around, not people, wealth will disappear; when considering the interests of everyone, when common prosperity, can accumulate talent, to create greater wealth. The other is "the world’s sorrow and worry, after the world of joy and music." This sentence Fan Zhongyan said, I will not explain. As entrepreneurs, it is important to keep in mind these two sentences. It’s not that we’re all going to be Lei Feng. The distribution of benefits has long been clear through the form of equity norms. Entrepreneurs who have invested their money, will also be invested into the company to occupy some or most of the equity, which is". Not one size fits all, not because of their own greed have everything cheaper.

two points: emotion. Start-up companies will actually face a step by step upgrade, constantly reborn, to a higher level of development, and the process of fast. The original entrepreneurial veterans may not be able to keep up with the pace of development of enterprises, or some skills no longer play a role. At the same time, with the development of enterprises will also introduce more and more external talent, which is faced with a question of how to treat the veteran entrepreneurs. But often because startups wilderness, veteran entrepreneurs inside a lot of friends, classmates, relatives, even husband and wife. It is not good to be partial to China. There are too many "peasant entrepreneurs" who have made such mistakes. Some of these companies have not how to make money, and some even do not exist. But often the elders may not be able to prepare for this change, do not understand many of the decisions, and even use means and ways to influence you. This time, the entrepreneur can not pass the relationship is very critical. We have to take into account that the enterprise is a matter of thousands of people, and these veterans are just a few things, not for the sake of a few people, the majority of the interests of the majority of people. Therefore, we should be objective in decision-making, and taking into account the interests and feelings of the elders. In this way, even if they did not understand, most people will understand and thanksgiving.

three points: self closing. Often very prominent people, personality is also very strong, shortcomings are obvious. After all, there is no genius and the world all rounder. As entrepreneurs, especially those who have achieved some success, we must recognize their own shortcomings, and always remind ourselves, can not be self

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