Hefei photovoltaic power plant to layout the world

now some government everywhere in actively pushing the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, and in the country have emerged a large number of innovative entrepreneurs, while their entire entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial spirit is constantly encourage people.

give preferential treatment, Guo Wandong chose to return to hometown open entrepreneurial journey. Experts in the field of cloud like clouds, with his dedication and efforts to bring the development of the fast lane, to become a leader in the field of entrepreneurship, local enterprises "star"". He himself also won the sixth Hefei City, the "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" title.

determined not to change the entrepreneurial dream

1992, Guo Wandong after graduation was assigned to the Hefei bicycle factory as a technician, he repeatedly made diligent study, industriousness and stamina, excellent suggestions and has been adopted by the factory products, after a year as leaders to promote him when the total working hours, he wrote a resignation. The ease of living and working conditions made him feel the need to take on new challenges and to go down to Shenzhen alone in the voices of his friends. In Shenzhen, he was repeatedly rated as the backbone of the title, the company’s senior leadership in Hongkong set up a branch, to appoint him to the Hongkong branch office. Dare to challenge, dare to innovate, he once again to meet the new challenges – entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurship is his dream!

1998, Guo Wandong founded in Nanjing, Hanchuan, Nanjing science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., R & D "new Li" brand electric door, occupied 80% of the market in Nanjing, and ultimately get annual sales of $50 million.


The integration of

is constantly developing, Zhongnan photoelectric products to win market recognition, even in the photovoltaic industry downturn, still maintained a steady growth of Zhongnan photoelectric. After several years of development, the company is now in the United States, Nigeria set up branch offices, set up branch offices in Italy, the scale of its foreign production base has reached 2 million mw.

"let the South solar photovoltaic power generation into the tens of thousands of households over the recommended

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