Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship contest Zhongshan University Shenzhen academy officially la

entrepreneurship in the current has become the theme of the times, and a variety of entrepreneurial competition as a derivative of the entrepreneurial market, naturally throughout the country to carry out. Shenzhen innovation contest of Shenzhen Institute of Zhongshan University was officially launched on the day before the conference, which attracted many entrepreneurs.

Volkswagen innovation, entrepreneurship. In May, Shenzhen entrepreneurs’ opportunity: China (Shenzhen) innovation contest Zhongshan University Shenzhen Research Institute Division was officially launched. It is reported that this year, Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship contest held by the Shenzhen Institute of Zhongshan University division is the eighth.

China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Shenzhen, referred to as "deep hit", sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s government, the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, the Shenzhen Institute of Zhongshan University. At the same time, the Shenzhen Institute of Zhongshan University is also one of the division of Shenzhen.

5 13 afternoon, a deep game officially launched at the Zhongshan University Shenzhen Institute of multimedia hall, many entrepreneurs have to listen to the scene, All seats are occupied. The conference also invited a number of entrepreneurs in the field of large coffee to the scene, escort escort team.

started the conference, Yang Ailin, executive director of the Shenzhen Institute of Zhongshan University, said in a speech: Shenzhen is a new immigrant city, bringing people, but also brings a wealth of logistics and capital flow. Came to Shenzhen, Shenzhen, this piece of land to welcome and tolerate every one of the deep entrepreneurial roots. Opportunities need to be caught by themselves, and it is a rare opportunity to wait for those who are ready.

In addition, a number of

big coffee is also on stage to share entrepreneurial experience. Among them, Li Shuyan, President of the association of women entrepreneurs in Shenzhen, said in the sharing, for entrepreneurship, who is not important to you, who is more important. It’s important for entrepreneurs to be a good guide. The general assembly also set up an interactive link, entrepreneurs who ask questions, entrepreneurial big coffee for them to answer questions.

General Assembly official said that since the start of the general assembly, the team intends to participate in the competition can log into the official website of the official website, select the Shenzhen Institute of Zhongshan University, the venue for registration, registration will continue until mid June. Zhongshan University, Shenzhen Institute of research will provide full support for the creation of passenger counseling, and give long-term attention. For the winning teams and enterprises, not only to enjoy the lucrative venture capital fund, the more appropriate supporting incentives.

as the eighth such a game, has been recognized by a lot of entrepreneurs, the development of entrepreneurship in Shenzhen undoubtedly has a very big help. Of course, for the rapid development of the local economy has a great help.

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