Township entrepreneurship shop to do what to make money

in the vast rural areas have a lot of very much and very good business opportunities, at the same time, there are a lot of people have begun to join the whole rural entrepreneurial force, then, in the township entrepreneurs shop to do what is good?

what to open shop in the township of

industrial waste brick?The trend of

in the township what shop? Open vegetable car

opened to connect the garden and vegetable market car, can not only solve the labor intensity of the constitution dish selling vegetables, but also can make the combination of supply and demand and market garden. If the shop to open the paging delivery, but also to meet the needs of housewives cooking nutrition and delicious.

what to open shop in the town to the countryside


what to open shop in the township farm machinery leasing industry


because of agricultural machinery and tools and a large one-time investment for most agricultural products only in the production season, one investment buy uneconomical. If the development of agricultural machinery leasing business, not only to meet the requirements of agricultural farming, but also greatly reduce the cost of agriculture.


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