Retailers want to do a good job but also pay attention to the overall image of the individual

you are shopping, the same two stores, you will choose to look more beautiful, the owner of the shop is more clean and tidy, or choose a very messy shop? I think everyone should have a very good answer. Therefore, the retail business people do business, if you want a good business, but also need to pay attention to the overall image of the individual oh.

as a retailer, we face every day countless customers, our grooming is not to be ignored, sometimes one does not pay attention to dress and words, may directly affect the image in front of customers and the business of the shop.

in peacetime operation, whether it is new and old customers, we have to treat equally, warm and generous to give hospitality. When customers purchase goods, we have to smile, softly to communicate with the customers, so that customers feel good. Even if we don’t meet customers to create all sorts of obstacles, temper and customer quarrel, to skillfully handle and resolve the embarrassment.

one morning, not long ago, I opened the shop door early, and found a work clothes and began to busy finishing their shop. At this moment, there are two boys laughing and talking into my shop, one guy pulled another young man muttered "go, we go to her next door to buy cigarettes, I think the owner is too dirty, you see her body work clothes dirty the store is not too clean, cigarette." I saw two boys head around the shop next door, buy two "Yellow Crane Tower (soft blue)" carrying out. Look at the hands of the business because of their sloppy and loss, I was not the taste.

it’s too deep for me. So, I went to the city to buy a few cruel cruel coat and a few pairs of cotton boots, often replaced, open the door every day to wear clean, welcome customers to visit. And the shop was spotless. Around the radius of the customers say that I like a person like, much cleaner than before, the store’s business is much more prosperous than before.

retail business want to do a good job, not only to ensure the quality of products, good service can be, but also need to pay attention to deportment. As a retail household, we must continue to operate in their own charge, with the times. We can make use of our leisure time to learn the business strategy, interpersonal etiquette and other knowledge, in-depth grasp of business skills and interpersonal skills, to improve their overall image. A more perfect image to greet customers into the store shopping.

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