dentify opportunities to seize the opportunity to earn college students to sell Egg Tart million

more and more college students now, no one can ensure that students will be able to find a good job, become the person of the society, no mind, no money will be washed out by the society, will never gain a foothold in the society. Therefore, most of the students are now aware of the brutal social reality, have wanted to go to business, all should put a far sighted, forward-looking, in order to be successful. College student Wang Yan by selling Egg Tart month can earn thousands of dollars, what else can not do.


spent 1 months learning technology, do market research, Wang Yan decided to universities outside the small bazaar shop. Can not afford the street pavement rent, she chose a house away from the school to do a workshop, made a small cart outside the campus, while selling". Each Egg Tart by Wang Yan personally baked, every morning at 8 Chutan, 10:30 in the evening closing time. Good taste with a female boss is very enthusiastic, many college students have become old buyers, most of the time a day to sell more than and 200 Egg Tart.

now, Wang Yan will prepare Egg Tart do business in the city of Chengdu, and the accumulation of capital bigger and stronger. Do not dare to think of things, as long as you want to do to be successful." She will just come out Egg Tart handed to reporters, said such a sentence.



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