How to use Facebook for entrepreneurs to make money

Internet business opportunities everywhere, this sentence is fully certified by the market, want to be successful entrepreneurs can take advantage of this resource, Facebook well-known dating sites, has many fans group, provides a broad market and the foundation for you. Facebook has 800 million users is undoubtedly a huge business opportunities. But first, people ask, "does it really make money for you?" If you have read a few Facebook marketing case studies over the past year, you will see the small business through the Facebook to share in e-commerce sales to make money and promotion examples. If you are ready to use Facebook to make money, your next question will be: what is the difference between making money and not making money Facebook marketing activities."

1, electronic commerce based on


2, fan marketing e-commerce

through advertising to win fans than through competition, content, traditional ways to win fans respond more readily. According to Pagelevel’s 2011 data analysis, many millions of fans of the brand page can only affect 7% or fewer fans. Some pages have hundreds of thousands of fans, but they never praise or comment on the posting of the message, over the years on the page posting dismissive.

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