Online entrepreneurial mentality is very important

the use of the Internet has become the choice of many young entrepreneurs, the online venture, success is not a minority, but the failure is not uncommon. The use of network business, we have to do with a common heart, so as to be more conducive to success!

back, Bibi trading is like a blossoming flowers bloom in my heart, let me happy. In particular, I want to say is my first true sense of the buyer, "Ba Tang Zhengbo", after the baby received, the clothes are too big, she said to stay until next year to wear it, did not say a word to the praise. To be honest, I was really ashamed, because I was giving her advice when I was sure the size of the clothes, so I think I should take part of the responsibility. As a new seller, encountered such a generous buyer, really lucky.

Chang Huai indifferent heart

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