Massage chairs ten brands list

hard work after learning, many people are very tired body, but it is impossible to massage at any time. In the role of science and technology, the birth of the massage chair has undoubtedly been praised by countless people. And this market is also with the growing demand of people, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce you to massage chairs ten brands list, so as to give you the choice to do a reference.

now for the quality of life in the gradual improvement of the requirements, massage chairs to relax the body, people have a higher level of enjoyment, of course, will be sought after by people. But generally like this functional chair, the quality requirements are very strict, the general product brand is a recognition of quality, here we come to know about the ten major brands of massage chairs.

massage chair is the most important quality is better, stable function, strong comfort. Massage chair ten brands list of products in all aspects of doing better, many people choose to buy a massage chair is because brand products are assured of brand products, here we have to look at the specific massage chair ten brand ranking situation.

massage chair ten brands list NO.1: Panasonic


is an international brand of massage chairs, massage chairs are a lot of high-end Matsushita is imported from Japan, but there are also some low domestic products are assembled, Panasonic brand has been recognized, the most high-end Matsushita a massage chair is EP3002.

massage chair ten brands list NO.2: Ao Sheng

proud Sheng is derived from the Singapore brand of massage chairs, is the most famous Asian brands, massage is also quite good, there are factories in Japan and Suzhou, the production technology is also very perfect, but the proud Sheng massage chair is more expensive, can be considered.

massage chairs ten brands list NO.3: Du Yang

is from the Taiwan massage chair brand, is now a well-known registered brand in japan. More than two hundred stores in the country yo, has also been recognized by the international brand of SANYO massage equipment, has become the general agent of SANYO in china.

massage chair ten brands list NO.4: RongTai

The strength of

RongTai is a Shanghai massage appliance enterprise’s products, RongTai is now the domestic massage appliances export five strong enterprises, quality management is very good, the brand building is very comprehensive, not only celebrity endorsements, also sponsored the Olympic Games, the aerospace industry and so on, in the domestic high visibility.

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