Qingdao to promote the nternet + college students entrepreneurial model

now there are more and more college students venture entrepreneurs will look to the Internet industry, now in the Qingdao area, but also create a huge entrepreneurial base, in order to provide some local entrepreneurs to provide positive help entrepreneurs.

"half braised eggplant, half mutton dumplings, sweet and sour peanut, online payment is successful." The information received on the mobile phone, Jiaozhou hongia dumplings waiter Wang Dawei immediately to the kitchen the next single, 15 minutes, 9 minutes after the dishes together, order Cajun building 20 floor customer. Customer sign." After receiving this feedback, Hong Ji dumpling managers and Li Jiaxi breathed a sigh of relief: success. "Rabbit run" Li Jiaxi is founder of the "Internet + campus O2O service platform of college students entrepreneurship training" +, this platform to break the traditional mode of shopping, so that consumers from the mobile phone will be able to quickly find the goods they need, after a single 9 minutes served.

bold girl hit off Master

the age of the Internet to do is "lazy" economy, on call, on-demand has become the mainstream of fashion consumption patterns. After market research, Li Jiaxi decided to enter the Internet industry, the transition to do the whole industry chain service platform. However, the road is doomed to be lonely and hard, but Li Jiaxi never give up the pace of progress. She found that with a large number of customers in the process of communication, a lot of people know that online marketing is the trend, want to do, but I don’t know how to do, but also customers spend a lot of money to do the technical development in the process of operation, but the effect is not ideal.

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