National 2 to Qatar than the success of the top 12 games in the top 0

Chinese football always make people very upset, but last night, but it came to a very happy news, 2 more than 0 national football in Qatar, the success of the last 12 games, also believe there will be more good news to the audience, to give the fans!


and Chinese qualifying prospects in 4 games, the Australian team took the lead in the home court in the 5 to 1 victory over the Jordan team. Therefore, as long as the Chinese team to win their own Qatar, and then hope that the Philippines team at home to stop the North Korean team, you can basically smooth the 12 qualifying tournament. Compared with the last round of the home game against Maldives, the Chinese team’s starting lineup in the evening took place a big change, while the Qatar team sent only three main players.


Change in the

it makes China team a lift momentum. Although the Qatar team has also strengthened the offensive by substitution, however, the degree of understanding between Qatar players is not high. The Chinese team at the same time actively defend against. Eighty-eighth minutes, the Chinese team will seize the opportunity to expand the score after the accident.

CengCheng Leipzig courageously fighting to resolve the threat of Qatar team, Chinese team quickly launched an offensive, Hao Junmin and Li Xuepeng in front of the transfer, Hao Junmin took the ball into the cool road left side of the closed area, Wu Lei small angle Xiecha in oblique, the ball hit fly net in Qatar goalkeeper face after line. In the end, the Chinese team beat Qatar 2 to 0.

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