How to choose the chain address

is facing a franchise chain stores one by one as one falls, another rises, also all the flowers, I believe everyone of them is also the location problem of each one airs his own views.

, a chain enterprise location confusion: the lack of standardized site expansion problem


A, the location by the feeling, there is no scientific basis, the risk is very large.

two, it is difficult to obtain mature business district, lack of investment income forecast, lead to the failure of decision.

three, the lack of systematic and standardized. Location becomes the biggest problem of expansion.

first feel the site often appear small and medium-sized chain enterprises, business owners with years of experience and intuition to judge dianzhi. Often do not know the road is not clear, the success or failure of many blame Feng shui. Speaking of their site experience, most of them are predestined or have feelings, there is no scientific basis, the risk is very large. There was such a story, there is a body of the chain of female bosses introduce their own shop experience, said proudly: "stand there to smell the air, you know you can not shop." The results of the development of Shenzhen in the opening of the three failed. Otherwise a company manager talked about his experience to the location that the thief many places to shop, the standard can not be quantified, more stores in the boss when the site is based on their subjective experience, feel to investment, because there is no scientific basis, the risk is very large, chances are more. Second cases of chain enterprises have a certain location standards and experience, but also focus on strategic location, occupy a favorable position. But often shop is a shop to eat for three generations, little hands, mature business district location is priceless, high rent, deposit, such as choosing address can not accurately predict the investment income, rental cost is higher than the industry profit margins will lead to business failure, stores. Another type, some chain enterprises in order to reduce the cost or avoid the strong competition to achieve "the countryside surrounds the city" strategy, choose business layout, also often can not accurately predict the values of science, and become a ripe opportunity to fill the pit or else’s trousseau. Oriental home building materials super

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