Water purifier industry hundreds of billions of market waiting for you to Nuggets

river pollution incidents continue to appear, let people aware of the quality and safety problems, water purification products began to appear in the market, China’s water purifier industry entered a period of rapid development. From the initial sales of about 10 million yuan to the current market of nearly 500 billion, can be described as the rapid growth rate.

it is reported that in 2015, the water purifier industry policy environment is increasingly strong momentum of development, optimization, industry insiders predict that in 2015 the market is expected to total output value will exceed 20 billion yuan. The next three years, the water purifier industry will be exponentially growing period, but also a good opportunity for China’s water companies to take off.

from the potential, with the breakthrough of water purification technology and mature, extension of water purifier industry to more and more areas of the market, but can be used for water purification projects, commercial projects to further purification and other areas of expansion, development prospects.


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