2011 hot investment industry

2011, a graduate student in the era of a galaxy of talents, doctoral students at the same time, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, emerge in an endless stream, people began to look for the profits of small investment industry to seek development. Here are a few hot joined the industry.

open a shop easy to make money

Website management system and

Perfect: Powerful Web site management system, tens of thousands of products easy management, independent of the level of the domain name and the management authority, unlimited space.


indoor environmental protection money fast

1, through to the customer for indoor air quality testing, inspection service fees earned;

2, through to the customer for the control of indoor air pollution, earning management services;

3, through to the customer for car air detection governance, earn service fees for inspection and treatment;

5, in furniture stores, building materials market and other related industry sales window indoor series products profit;

6, sales, group purchase indoor environmental electronic products series production profit;

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