Strength is not the same as the 10 finalists Xiamen enterprises through the deep

an area of economic development, the development of local enterprises is also very powerful, Xiamen, as China’s developed coastal cities, local enterprises in Xiamen have a lot of strong. This is not deep through the recently launched. Previously, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hongkong Stock Exchange issued a list of relevant shares of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, a total of 36 listed companies listed in Fujian through the list of deep through. The reporter combing found that these finalists list of Listed Companies in Fujian, Xiamen enterprises accounted for 10.

10 home Xiamen enterprises finalists

according to public information, the current list of Listed Companies in Fujian through a total of 36, of which the main board of the board, there are 13 small plates, the gem has a total of 3.

in the list of Hong Kong stocks, Heng International, Anta sports, Dali food and other 3 companies selected Fujian Hang Seng large integrated stocks. Zijin Mining (601899, stock it) is the only one in Fujian to choose a comprehensive medium-sized stocks. In the Hang Seng Composite small stocks, Netdragon, 361, XTEP international, Yuzhou estate, 8 Fujian companies listed; in addition, Chinese lilanz was also nominated for a Hong Kong stocks through.

found out, in the list of finalists, Xiamen enterprises accounted for 10, namely: Xiamen XinDa (000701, shares), C Ed Henshing (002335, shares), Li Meng (002614, shares), Jin Dawei (002626, shares), 35 Internet (300051, shares), easy to Lianzhong (300096, shares), AIU Cupressaceae (300188, shares), Zijin mining, Yuzhou estate, sce.

recent performance of many companies brisk

reporter noted that the candidates through the deep Xiamen enterprises, mostly high-tech enterprises. For example, gold is the national Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises, Xiamen City, the first batch of new certified high-tech enterprises. In addition, there are involved in the "health" concept, such as Li meng.

at the same time, some of the finalists of Xiamen enterprises, its recent performance is quite brisk. Xiamen XinDa, for example, according to the third quarterly report, three quarter revenue grew by 40.25%, net profit grew by 44.99%.

again Xiamen kingdomway before the three quarter revenue reached 1 billion 198 million yuan, an increase of 44.02%. Net profit of 196 million yuan, an increase of 75.13%.

, however, there are cases of decline in corporate profits. Such as Zijin mining, three quarterly net profit fell by 13.51%.

attract more foreign capital concern

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