Six key points that entrepreneurs need to focus on

as a new venture, there are a lot of things to learn, there are many places to pay attention, and the need to focus on the six point has a small role in the hope that entrepreneurs who can learn from.

1) is more important than imagination

entrepreneurs need to have imagination, but entrepreneurs cannot indulge in wishful thinking all day, hands more difficult than tempted, do more important than to think of the new road; especially the entrepreneurs said that the sentence is: to trial and error! Your idea is good, do not do it to accept the market test, never know the true answer. I hope it is popular, perhaps no one cares, then someone will admit defeat to choose to give up, some people will try and try again until success, of course, there will be a number of trial and error, still failed. Oh, entrepreneurship, not only trial and error, but also in the trial!

2) small is beautiful

3) focus on doing one thing

What is called "

4) focus on making money

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5) focus on customer

who says business you become a boss? The boss of the company is not you, is the customer, only they happy, your day is better; the company should not only you are doing great and important things, everyone is doing great things