The enterprise booth design is divided into the brand stand and the marketing booth

is now a place to succeed for some investment activities, it has to be timely held some of the exhibition activities, at the same time, a product to be known and accepted by people, also need to show the way through the exhibition.

Booth design

brand booth definition: as exhibitors, participating in the process in the future, the booth with respect to a part of enterprise culture and enterprise inside, LOGO, enterprise VI the same meaning belongs to a logo, business oriented social propaganda such as: HUAWEI, Unicom, mobile booth booth booth. If you often go to the exhibition will have memory, these enterprises booth every year is a kind of style, the layout is the same, so people long to see that this is what the company’s booth, head to the audience left a booth impression, a brand impression, in the course of time is a logo, brand booth is one of the biggest advantages is that the green environmental protection, building materials can be reused.

marketing booth definition: with the rapid development of exhibition industry, the pace of the standard booth special equipment has gradually been replaced by the exhibition now has entered the high-end level, not more than ten years ago the fair selling situation, however, how to use the exhibitors booth to attract visitors, enhance the potential customers, this is the priority among priorities and creative booth will out, but in the actual test years in the construction of a creative booth can attract visitors attention tools for exhibitors, no more a step to promote the products, marketing and other aspects, in this situation under the creative marketing booth on the exhibition industry stage. Marketing booth with the brand show, product display, interactive and other field, has gradually been respected by the enterprise, can help small and medium enterprises to maximize profit.


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