Personality mouse pad can also find big business opportunities

who can think of the fact that a small mouse pad also contains a large business opportunities, the design of continuous integration of innovative elements, mouse pad will become a big difference, easily attracted countless consumers, the sales market is very hot.

Looking for business opportunities

soon, Liu Yufen was recommended to the sales department as a salesman. Liu Yufen, in the sales department for the first half of the year, tanned face, thin in a circle, although also signed some orders, but after the seven button eight button, but did not earn what money. She seems to understand a truth: people will never have a big job, the idea of doing their own business!

2000 one day in April 2013, Liu Yufen to accompany a friend to buy a computer, come back to find each other a little mouse pad. When asked to return to the time, but heard several customers are complaining about the mouse pad rough work, a single pattern. "Why don’t you get into some good looks?"