nventory of the pros and cons of open stores must read

business is not easy, so many of my friends will choose a project to join the business, it should be more reliable than their individual entrepreneurs, and the headquarter will also help entrepreneurs better management, so I chose to join the project is very wise.

A, stores the advantages of

1, the success of the individual operators once the project is a temporary success, as soon as there will be a lot of imitators even at the same time, through vicious competition to challenge your business position. But if there is no fear of joining the business, because you can get the exclusive right to operate in the region, so that the business to do without fear!

2, franchise brand headquarters of funds and personnel support in place, making it more advantages in product distribution research, timely Everfount fashion for the franchisee to provide high-quality goods, so as to ensure the sustained competitiveness of the brand and attractive to consumers.

3, joining the brand to join the headquarters of a unified decoration support, brand promotional activities and publicity support, and even provide quarterly sales data, timely provide management training for franchisees, the franchisee so as to save a lot of time and energy to concentrate on sales, but also a strong advertising effect based individual operators incomparable.

4, often do the chain of the headquarters of the industry is a long time after the accumulation of cast a superb technology, with strong capital, strong brand effect. Such an enterprise would open their technology to the enterprise to absorb the public, is a win-win for the individual, join by joining these brands, you can quickly learn advanced technology, obtain consumer brand recognition, quickly entered the mature stage of profit.

5, the headquarter because of the size and strength of the advantage in negotiations with the purchase business must than individual purchase business advantages, so the raw material cost can be greatly reduced, but also makes the franchisee can get cost competitive supply.

6, the headquarter will not only help the franchisee shop, the most important is to provide lifelong consulting services to help franchisees grow rapidly, regardless of location or data analysis shop, including skill training, allows you to quickly grow up to be a successful entrepreneur, had a hard business knowledge, lifelong benefit.

two, open stores need to pay attention to the problem of

1, because all the shops either join or exporting products to the decorative appearance of staff dress and ways of working mode of operation requires uniform, so to ensure the overall quality at the same time, it means that you can not in accordance with their own ideas, just change the business ideas.

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