Network entrepreneurship should pay attention to what

now with the era of constant progress, the distance between people to "shrink" so how to create a value of their own network business, the words constantly come into people’s eyes. Of course, we all know the advantages, but we need to pay attention to things we may not be clear.

A, low cost. For network entrepreneurs, if not to carry out large projects. At first, the money is not much. Maybe a computer +ADSL+ virtual host + a hut + you can start. But it’s far from success. Some people may scoff at the idea that this is not a business. If you have a very strong financial, very keen thinking, very classic ideas. You can’t read what I write. But you don’t look down, we don’t talk about the relationship between cost and profit. You feel that the cost is negligible, so you feel the profit is even more insignificant. So this time I told you wrong. The traditional relationship between cost and profit is not working on the internet. Because you ignore the point, that is your own intelligence, which is relatively important in the network of entrepreneurship. The Internet is definitely the best place for heroes to use martial arts. As long as you have the ability, then you have the hope of success.

two, the cost of small. Now the network communication is developed. It can be said that as long as there is a broadband, you solve most of the problems of network communications, you can save a lot of phone calls. At the same time, you don’t have to rent a house to pay for the rent. In the early days of entrepreneurship, not officially registered before the company. You don’t need to charge a big worry about tax system.

three, staff composition is simple. Many entrepreneurs are starting from scratch, a man took all positions. Because in the early days basically a person can cope. Do not need to worry about the cost of staff

four, the risk factor is low. Even if the venture fails, do not have to fear. Because the initial investment is not high, a great chance to turn over. So entrepreneurs can let go without fear of the consequences of failure, etc..

five, profits. If you succeed at the beginning of your business and go along the right path. Then I want to congratulate you, you can shout at this time: "my website profit." But you earned the first pot of gold do not be proud. Don’t forget, the higher the man climbs. The heavier the fall, remind you this time must accurately grasp the market dynamics, the development trend of competitors. Timely adjustment of development strategy. In this way, you can laugh last.

seen some of the advantages of network business, we take a look at our attention to where things need.

1 to use their own unique perspective to observe the network, looking for new profit point. Actively explore new projects bogey: now the network engage in such dongshixiaopin but today there is a There are plenty of people who,, Tu Ke Ming Yang squid Huo >

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