How to choose wallpaper shop

wallpaper shop how to choose? For operators, the site is always the top priority, want to get a good start, the site can not be ignored. The following small series to share a few points about the experience of the site, hoping to help the franchisee to dig a good profit, it is worth the attention of businesses.

Pay attention to the road and terrain

select range and trend of

1 directions. The range refers to the mall Front Gate toward commercial buildings, is the ideal location facing south.

The trend of

. Generally speaking, people generally have the right line habits, shopping malls in the choice of imports should be on the right. Such as the street is the east-west direction, mainly from the east side of the passenger flow to the Northeast intersection for the best; if the streets are north-south trend, the flow of passenger flows from south to north, to the junction of the southeast is the best.

the intersection. If it is a fork in the road, it is best to set up in front of the shopping mall, so that the most conspicuous storefront; but if it is T-junction, the mall will be located at the intersection corner.

selected store address in the city planning and the position of commercial value.

the future population size and increase the purchasing power of high speed.


A to select the address based on content management.

wallpaper shop to open in high traffic areas. Help to improve coverage, in favor of long-term development of the store. The shop location should not only analyze the current market situation, but from a long-term perspective is conducive to the expansion of the scale, whether it is conducive to improve the coverage, increasing its strength on the market basis.

two to select the spontaneous formation of certain market areas.

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