How to build an excellent team

  if you can have an entrepreneurial team has been efficient, it will be twice the result with half the effort. How to build a good team? As a leader, do not be afraid of your staff is stronger than you, if the staff is weaker than you, but that you choose the wrong, given the rights and responsibilities of staff, you escort in the back, which is the secret of the success of the team.

1, [fast] strategic tactics, slow

2, [ask four questions] staff

"you are from your dream?"

"team for what you need?"

3, the leader of the three states [

"eyes closed" do not intervene has authorized things, do not believe gossip talk;

"close your eyes" to see partners appear clearly wary of any mistakes, vulnerabilities, but some errors do not need to understand for.

4, [

5, [

nengshangnengxia card; Bin – />

6 [

7, [
] is not only unknown to the public.

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