Why food marketing more respected free business is not good to do

in food marketing is a very confusing for businesses is why when their own shops free promotion activities, consumers will not buy it, why not such a good thing the customer is willing to come to the consumer, sometimes it seems like the more they launch the marketing strategy more there is no business can do, why.

in the process of marketing the past, we are influenced by some marketing guru, as long as the free things, we all love, through free access to customers, in fact, this method can be used, is not to say that the method is wrong, but in the operation of the process to the individual conditions.

more respected "free" restaurant marketing, business is not good to do. The method does not have problems of operation, operation way also have deviation, for some of the primary customers, especially on the aspects of marketing and management lack of understanding of the customer, free is not one of the best ways.

this summer we conducted a test on multiple clients.

we found that the cost of sales than free, before the customer has carried on the test, face to face, the beer festival, two customers, a customer is the cost of sales by the customer, another is the use of free beer, the results after one and a half months of testing, found the cost price sales win, free beer, put up the shutters.

this, there are a lot of readers and students do not understand, they think this thing is wrong, it should be a free business is booming, in fact, this is a true thing, free will be doomed to failure.

this kind of thing is to give everyone again, is in a specific time, specific location and specific crowd in the test, do not have universality and universality.


method can not be applied mechanically, and others brought on by the possibility of success is almost zero, eat an egg to see the chicken, even to see, learn to lay possibility is zero, because of different properties.


was testing found the problem is that, many people have found a door, two stores, a left a right, a free, a local beer cost price, the purchase price is 3 dollars a bottle.

so the cost price of this one, the beer by 3 dollars a bottle to sell, without any conditions, as long as it is to come to the store, do not take away, all in accordance with the 3 yuan price, that is to say there is no requirement, you eat mutton is delicious, dishes or even you don’t eat anything, just a bottle of beer, or 3 dollars sold to you.

another shop, although it is free to drink beer, but

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