Porridge porridge to join the question

porridge porridge how to join? What are the conditions for joining it? What is the joining process? How to manage the market prospects for these problems for the following small series of answers:

porridge porridge join conditions:

1, a high degree of recognition of the day porridge porridge snack corporate culture, business philosophy and vision of the vision; good business reputation and business quality;

2, with a certain degree of cultural literacy, good health, good at operating; have the appropriate ability to meet the franchise investment;

3, strong sense of brand management and good cooperation spirit; strong brand management and marketing ability.

porridge porridge to join the process:

1, investment applications: the intention of investors, through online messages, telephone, fax, letters and mail or I directly to the headquarters of the shop application.

2, telephone communication: headquarters in accordance with the application of the geographical environment of the market audit, the two sides and the phone to communicate with the project, the applicant to the company for field trips.

3, signed an agreement: agreement is both based on equality, mutual benefit and common development under the principle of the responsibility, right and benefit of cooperation rules, after the signing of the agreement, headquarters to provide the corresponding authorization documents and other information, goods.

4, professional training: to participate in the headquarters of the professional knowledge and technical system training, product knowledge, production technology, cargo management, staff management and other skills, the headquarters can be qualified before the shop.

Market analysis of

congee and porridge:

1, the market now congee shop is still in the growth period, the market is small and the number of congee shop are mostly large scale, relatively high grade hotels, the per capita consumption of tens to hundreds of dollars, can not accept the general public.

2, now most entrepreneurs is first involved in the catering industry investment capacity and store management ability is limited, and small and medium sized fast-food investment less pressure management is relatively simple, is a better choice at the beginning of entrepreneurs.

3, now the domestic fast food market is huge, which is far from being able to meet the needs of the current market, the majority of these fast food restaurants are located in the downtown business district, the service can be limited to the range.

4, and in the secondary business district and the three levels of these slightly different location of the scale of the high standards of fast food restaurants,

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