Please tell me this May

25 years later, it seems that everyone is no longer tell their own loneliness. A quiet person, emptying the mind slowly in a daze; a busy person, free use of text records.   a person’s stage, acting for the world to see. Loneliness is filling, only ice cream can satisfy me.

"May is love ah, there is too much for that moment. 13:14 on May 20th to declare, 1:31 on May 20th 4 seconds can express, 1 May 20th at 3 minutes and 14 seconds to   white, May 21st at 13:14 to 1:31 on May 21st that 4 seconds can express, 1 May 21st 3 14 seconds can express… "… in Princess Anne’s ice cream shop,   a young boy girl say.

a stare, stare drunk; a loving, affectionate. Through the winding alleys of the princess Anne ice cream shop, a taste of Italy ice cream, taste the sweetness of life. Love is sweet, like ice cream